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28 de Enero de 2021

DataLase set to maintain impetus in 2021

Like many other businesses, DataLase, the global leader in Photonic Printing Solutions, has been proactive in its approach since the start of the pandemic. Driven by urgency, the company has embraced agile ...

26 de Enero de 2021

The first CorruFLEX off to a successful start

The THIMM Group has successfully installed its first CorruFLEX from Koenig & Bauer. The new press started operating at the works in Sibiu in Romania at the end of last year, marking the fulfilment ...

25 de Enero de 2021

ABG keeps pace with demand with recruitment drive

Despite the commercial challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading print finishing equipment manufacturer, A B Graphic International (ABG), thrived during 2020 and is set to do even better this year. ...

22 de Enero de 2021

FlexoMatrix, new workflow platform for profitable labels

Lehner Sensor Systeme GmbH, the German manufacturer based in Kirchheim/Teck, has developed new automatic assembly and workflow technology for label production that is designed to improve accuracy and increase ...

21 de Enero de 2021

New ink series unlocks advantages of LED technology

The printing ink manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG has again expanded its range of printing inks for the continuously growing market area of LED UV applications. The new series of LED offset ...

19 de Enero de 2021

Meech announces launch of SmartControl Touch

Meech has formally unveiled its newest remote monitoring solution, SmartControl Touch. An advancement of Meech's SmartControl device - the new unit allows users to monitor, control and adjust the performance ...

18 de Enero de 2021

Registration opens for virtual.drupa 2021

drupa exhibitors and interested companies from the international printing industry now have the opportunity to register for participation in virtual.drupa. After the face-to-face format of the world's ...

14 de Enero de 2021

3rd drupa preview day focus on global trends

The last edition of drupa preview in 2020 once again provided an opportunity for intensive knowledge transfer in the print community. Presentations and live web sessions by industry experts and partner ...

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