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Stepping Out in 3D Printed Style with Massivit


When it comes to stamping its creative authority on the world of fashion and design, Emporio Armani certainly knows how to make a statement. The Italian fashion house, working with Colorzenith and its large format Massivit 3D printer, produced a stunning, giant billboard featuring an enormous, 3D printed version of their newly released trainers.

The footwear gives the impression the model is literally stepping off the full size 78.74ft by 45.93ft (24m x 14m) advertisement into the real world. The 3D printed trainer, measuring 6.22ft x 3.2 ft x 1.64 ft (2.1m x 1m x0.5m), weighs 20kg. It took just 19 hours to print and was finished with polyurethane paint.

Mr. Aldo Neri, CEO at Colorzenith, comments: “We are delighted we have been able to help Emporio Armani create such a show-stopping piece. It brings the trainers to life in a dynamic and engaging way that creates excitement. It adds another dimension to advertising and captures the attention of consumers.”

Stepping Out in 3D Printed Style with Massivit

Massivit 3D solutions are empowering established print shops, like Colorzenith, to produce extraordinary new applications for the visual communication and entertainment markets as well as for a growing number of sectors. Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd. (www.massivit3d.com) is a leading provider of large format 3D printing solutions for visual communication. The company’s solutions enable the creation of super-size advertising, promotional and other marketing-oriented 3D printed sign and display projects for a growing range of sectors – including retail, events and exhibitions, entertainment and architecture.

Massivit 3D’s proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology leverages the company’s unique, instantly-curing printing gel, Dimengel, to quickly and cost-effectively produce lightweight, hollow 3D printed models up to 1.8m / 6ft high. Founded in 2013 by a team of digital printing pioneers, Massivit 3D is headquartered in Lod, Israel, and serves customers worldwide with end-to-end services and through a well-distributed network of global resellers.

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