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Agfa inspires European printers at exclusive Value Conference


On March 19, Agfa welcomed representatives from printing companies across Europe as well as printing industry opinion leaders to an exclusive Value Conference to get inspirational ideas to grow their businesses and improve their profitability. C-level executives from large commercial, packaging and newspaper printing companies from all over Europe gathered for Agfa’s first-ever Value Conference, an exclusive event centered on how printing companies can benefit from key industry and technology innovations.

Focal point were Agfa’s ECO³ solutions, which not only make a printers’ operations more ecological and extra convenient, but also increase efficiency, limit waste and reduce the consumption of valuable resources such as ink and paper, resulting in a higher profitability. The portfolio of ECO³ solutions crosses the boundaries of the prepress environment, taking improvements right into the pressroom to add value to a printer’s entire business.

Agfa inspires European printers at exclusive Value Conference

“Agfa continuously invests in sustainable and market-driven innovation. Our ECO³ program is the prime exponent of this strategy,” said Joan Vermeersch, Chief Innovation Officer Agfa. “The Value Conference enables printing companies to find out how they can get more value for money for their entire business.”

The Value Conference consisted of a mix of sessions covering a variety of topics. Agfa experts elaborated on how the company’s most recent innovations respond to current and future market trends and reduce a printer’s costs of operations. Early adaptors from printing companies serving different industries shared their real-life experiences of Agfa’s ECO³ solutions, enabling attendees to take away practical approaches to increasing efficiency, improving their bottom line and growing their business. In addition, a number of inspirational talks transgressing the world of printing let participants look at their businesses with fresh eyes. There was also plenty of opportunity to network and exchange experiences and knowhow with the technology experts, colleagues and influencers present.

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