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Agfa and Fujitex sign agreement for distribution of SYNAPS in Japan


The agreement covers the distribution of Agfa’s synthetic paper SYNAPS in Japan and adds to Fujitex’ extensive offering to the local promotion and office printing market. It confirms the worldwide growing acceptance of SYNAPS and contributes to the further growth of Agfa’s synthetic paper business.

The agreement covers the distribution of SYNAPS Xerographic Matt (XM) in view of the particularly strong position that Fujitex holds in the office printers and supplies market in Japan. Fujitex will bring SYNAPS XM to the Japanese market through its own offline and online direct sales channels as well as via some of their customers, including one of the biggest stationary suppliers in Japan.

Agfa and Fujitex sign agreement for distribution of SYNAPS in Japan

Established 1978, FUJITEX Co., Ltd. is a global trading company located in Japan with annual sales of around US$ 100 Million. FUJITEX features its nationwide sales and logistic network all over Japan. Activity areas include waste management and environment, sales promotion, energy, logistics, disaster prevention and healthcare.

SYNAPS is a polyester-based print media developed, manufactured and marketed by Agfa. It comes in two versions based on distinct print technology for offset and elektro-ink (SYNAPS OM) and xerography or dry toner (SYNAPS XM). Both OM and XM products are available in a variety of thicknesses and OM includes also a self-adhesive type. Their use is driven by applications that require indoor or outdoor durability such as tags, signage, labels, posters, menu cards.

The Agfa-Gevaert Group develops, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of analogue and digital imaging systems and IT solutions, mainly for the printing industry and the healthcare sector, as well as for specific industrial applications. Agfa’s headquarters and parent company are located in Mortsel, Belgium. The Agfa-Gevaert Group achieved a turnover of 2,443 million euro in 2017.

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