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Aleyant tFLOW Version 10 Adds Important New Capabilities


Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry, today announced the availability of Version 10 of Aleyant tFLOW, its powerful digital workflow automation and customer service solution for commercial, large format, label, and specialty graphics businesses.

“We continue to focus our development efforts on providing the best possible user experience,” said Greg Salzman, Aleyant’s President. “With this release, I believe we have lived up to that promise. Aleyant tFLOW Version 10 incorporates a number of enhancements that makes individual users more productive and improves team communication. In today’s highly competitive environment, anything that can be done to reduce touches – and thus time and labor cost – will contribute to a better bottom line. We believe Aleyant tFLOW Version 10 does that.”

Aleyant tFLOW Version 10 Adds Important New Capabilities

A key enhancement in tFLOW Version 10 is that it can now run on the Linux operating system. This means that tFLOW can now be configured for larger virtual machines with scalable and dynamic flexibility, especially important in high-volume environments. In addition, tFLOW Version 10 includes:

Unified Messaging: tFLOW now offers a centralized messaging center where users can read and post comments on any job or order, all from the same window. Teams can now communicate more effectively without having to view each job or order individually to review and post messages.

Automated Archiving: Now, in the background, tFLOW will automatically move all unused files to archival drives. This means users will no longer have to worry about filling up working disk space in high-volume environments or using valuable time manually moving those files to the archive.

Personal Upload Link: Each user is given a personal upload link during account creation. This link can be used to upload artwork to tFLOW when file submission occurs prior to order and job creation in the MIS or ERP system.

Production Queue Information: This information is now shown in the user interface, allowing users to quickly see which queues production files have been sent. The information is accessible at the job level and in the completely redesigned Global History.

Email Log: Users can now view the email log for any event that has triggered an email notification. The email log is available in Activity/History, and in each user’s profile.

“These are just a few of the enhancements tFLOW users will notice,” Salzman added. “We will continue to enhance tFLOW and other Aleyant solutions to increase their value, as well as continue our work with third-party integrations that help organizations build a complete and very productive workflow ecosystem.”

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