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Idealliance and Agfa Graphics partner to offer the first public G7® Certification in Europe for 2019


Idealliance in partnership with Agfa Graphics, will host G7 Training at Agfa Graphics’ Technology Center in Mortsel, Belgium, near Antwerp. Attend training and earn certification as a leader in printing, packaging, and color management.

Led by Don Hutcheson, G7 Expert Trainer and Inventor, Agfa Graphics will host this three-day training event open to the public, full of hands-on practical demonstration and firsthand experience for color management and print production professionals, OEMs and technology providers, brand owners and print buyers, color consultants, and other leaders in the graphic communications and print supply chain. Attendees also earn certification from Idealliance as G7 Experts and Professionals with this exclusive training to serve their print supply chain as experts in the field of color management, process control, print production optimization and implementation of the G7 methodology designed to align all print technologies for visual consistency, quality control, and color workflow management.

As G7 Experts and G7 Professionals, certified by Idealliance as proven leaders in print production and global standards, serve their print and packaging supply chain partners to align all proof and print applications regardless of process, ink, or substrate. G7 Experts and G7 Professionals also serve their print supply chain by reducing costs, speeding product to market, and improving and maintaining critical output consistency required by print buyers and brands around the globe.

Idealliance and Agfa Graphics partner to offer the first public G7® Certification in Europe for 2019

“After certifying around 600 individuals as G7 Experts and G7 Professionals in 2018, Idealliance is proud to continue to serve the global graphics communications industry by offering the first public G7 Training in Europe in 2019, hosted by Agfa Graphics. G7 Certification is built for everyone in the printing and packaging supply chain including prepress, press operators, specifiers, designers, brand owners and anyone touching the print supply chain: covering digital (EP and LEP), offset, flexo, gravure, inkjet, screen printing along with many specialty print markets and applications; the world’s most recognized OEM and technology suppliers, brand owners, print buyers, as well as leading workflow and color specialists, color consultants and educators from around the globe all collaborating during training to achieve G7 Expert and G7 Professional certification through extensive hands-on learning discussion during training.” says Jordan Gorski, Vice President of Global Certification Programs for Idealliance. “Agfa Graphics and Idealliance have built an extensive partnership to serve the graphic communications industry. We are extremely appreciative to again partner with Agfa Graphics for the fifth G7 Training event hosted by an Agfa, to educate and empower print professionals from around the world.”

As a leading supplier provider to the print industry around the globe, Agfa Graphic’s Technology Center, conveniently located near Antwerp in Mortsel, Belgium will host this training event and give participants real-life hands-on experience with G7 calibration, implementation, and color management strategies utilizing the latest print and workflow technologies while working alongside of other leading peers from throughout the global print supply chain.

Participants must register online at Idealliance.org prior to attending. Upon the completion of the three-day training at Agfa, participants will leave with extensive practical hands-on experience in G7 implementation and print management. G7 Experts and Professional must complete an online examination to verify their aptitude in G7, color management, and process control to help print service providers as well as brands, creatives, and other print supply chain partners achieve G7 Master Qualification.

G7 certification is the most recognized international specification for color management, and not only achieves consistent color reproduction across any print medium, or substrate, but also provides a tremendous savings to an operation’s bottom line. Utilizing G7 within a print production workflow improves output consistency across multiple print services, platforms, and distribution outlets.

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