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Ukrainian paper bag manufacturer installs its second W&H paper bag line


Ukrainian manufacturer Pamibro has been making paper bags for the construction, chemical and food industries at its factory in the western city of Broshniv for more than 20 years. Today, the company is the country’s largest paper bag manufacturer. Pamibro first invested in a W&H paper bag line in 2007 – a decision that brought great success along with it. So it’s perhaps no surprise that the manufacturer recently installed a second W&H system, comprising an AM 8125 tuber, an AD 8320 bottomer, two TRANSYSTEMS automated material flow systems and an ARCOMAT 3 palletizer.

This latest investment is helping Pamibro to deliver cement bags and all-purpose sacks to its customers even faster and more reliably. “With this investment, Pamibro can keep up with the ever-rising demand for high-quality paper bags. And it is also helping us to meet Ukraine’s tightening environmental protection regulations,” explains company owner, Professor Ilya Shutak.

Ten years on from its installation, the original paper bag line is still running as smoothly as ever due to the excellent care and maintenance provided by the company’s specialist team. High productivity and quality have led to growth reaching far beyond the Ukrainian borders. Bags made in Broshniv are now being delivered to the company's key markets in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltics and the Czech Republic, and growing ones such as Italy, Poland and other European nations.

It was this continued rise in volumes that prompted Prof. Shutak to invest in an additional W&H paper bag line in 2016. “Since spring 2017, we have had the two W&H machines running alongside each another in one impressive production hall. We are producing high-quality paper bags almost around the clock,” he reports, proudly. For Reinhard Elting, Head of Sales for Eastern Europe at W&H, Pamibro is something of a poster child for the region: “W&H is proud to have a ‘beacon’ in Ukraine with Pamibro. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in the years to come.”

Ukrainian paper bag manufacturer installs its second W&H paper bag line

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