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GMG launches proof media with improved performance


GMG, the leading developer of high-end color management solutions introduces two lines of new proof media, GMG ProofMedia premium and GMG ProofMedia studio. A newly formulated coating, applied on the premium line, makes the media more fade-resistant, improves its lightfastness and ageing resistance. It also provides highest chemical resistance.

GMG ProofMedia premium: The most reliable reference for contract proofing. “We have been offering our high-grade GMG ProofMedia for fifteen years, with consistent quality,” explains GMG Managing Director, Robert Weihing. “While our customers have been very happy with it, we have set a new benchmark for high-end contract proofing with GMG ProofMedia premium. We receive very positive feedback from our most critical customers.”

According Weihing, GMG ProofMedia premium is the right choice for demanding users, as brand owners, who need the most reliable color reference. GMG ProofMedia studio: Close simulation of final substrates. “Print suppliers need to simulate the look and feel of a final substrate in terms of color appearance, grammage and surface texture. This can be perfectly achieved on the studio line media,” explains Yi Wang, GMG Product Manager. The latest versions of GMG software are fully compatible with the new GMG ProofMedia portfolio, ready to ensure that users can get the best proofing results with GMG quality.


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